Check out all these titles by P. Wesley Lundburg. Scroll down for synopses, pricing, and links to purchase now! Books in both The Frank Mattituck Series and the Clayton Chronicles need not be read in order . . . all books were written to be able to stand alone. The Frank Mattituck Series does have strong ties for reading in order, however. The Clayton Chronicles may be read in order, but the books in this series are completely independent.

The Frank Mattituck Series:

Skipper's Oath
Alaska charter boat captain Frank Mattituck had established a tranquil fishing life . . . until a close friend turns up missing and Mattituck is forced to tap into his former life to help Alaska State Trooper Todd Benson chase down a ruthless killer over the wild seas and wilderness of south central Alaska.

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PoachersEnd-72dpi-1500x2000 (2)
Frank Mattituck and his friend Alaska State Trooper Todd Benson are at odds over who killed the despised halibut poacher, Ned Simmons. A friend of both Mattituck and Benson is the prime suspect, causing a rift in their growing partnership. In their investigation, they find there is a long line of people with plenty of motive to kill the surly old fisherman. Suddenly, the case is wide open, and the resulting pandemonium spins them in a dizzying whodunit as they try to figure out who brought Ned Simmons to his grisly end.

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Mattituck3-72dpi-1500x2000 (1)
Avid outdoorsman Justin Harris is accidentally shot on a remote Alaska island by his childhood friend, Wilson Garrett, on a hunting trip. Alaska State Trooper Todd Benson calls on his deputized friend Frank Mattituck to help investigate, only to unearth some odd facts at the scene. Meantime, Attorney Monica Castle is representing Wilson’s wife, who is secretly seeking a divorce. Soon, details emerge that raise the question: Was Justin’s death an accident after all?

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The Clayton Chronicles:

The-Stateroom-Tryst-Amazon (1)
Rick “Clay” Clayton is hired by an attractive, affluent woman who wants to learn the truth behind her husband’s overnight “business” trips and spending binges. She suspects gambling, and Clay sets out to solve the mystery. When her husband is murdered among an entourage of people tailing him, Clay realizes this is no ordinary marital investigation. His tenacity leads him to uncover a dangerous alliance that takes even his hardened experience by surprise.

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Clay and long-time friend Lionel Freeman watch Lionel’s BMX biking whiz nephew throw a race, piquing Clay’s private eye instincts. Clay investigates and discovers a betting scheme that exploits kids’ sports on the deep web. With the help of his childhood buddy Clifford McCormack, a computer genius, Clay sniffs out the gritty culprits and brings them crashing down like a bike jump gone wrong.

TARGET RELEASE:  Summer 2021

Non-Series, Stand Alone Books:

An angry, determined young man…. a dangerous mountain trail…. Matt is a driven mountain biker seeking a greater thrill with every new sponsored ride, each filmed in video and posted online. He has no patience for inexperienced, wanna-be outdoor enthusiasts, and makes no attempt to veil his contempt. When a high-stakes solo ride takes him on the rugged trails of South America, he battles altitude sickness and unfamiliar terrain, and finds himself confronting his own arrogant ego and self-destructive nature.

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